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"Education brings prosperity",

said a former Minister of Education ( Dr. Annette Schavan), Germany

"Education brings prosperity",

said a former Minister of Education ( Dr. Annette Schavan), Germany

The success of a national or international company is directly related to the labor factor. The rapid production of internationalization and the globalization of the world markets requires flexible labor. This requires a continuous work process which all workers and co-workers have to undergo in this firm. Qualified employees form the basis for business success. A continuous adaptation of the learning processes to the user is required.

Why a German approach to vocational training?

Organized vocational qualification began in Germany with the start of industrialization – the mechanical loom (around 1810). Training first began in chamber of craftsmanship (Handwerkskammern “craftsmen’s guilds”) and then in industry (chambers of industry and commerce). This quickly led to the development of the so called “Dual Vocational Training System” which is known worldwide.

70% of vocational training is carried out in industrial firms with special training workshops and in handcraft firms, while about 30% of the training is carried out in vocational schools. A wide variety of private and public educational institutions have been established that offer complete and equivalent levels of vocational training.

Vocational qualification made in Germany according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

The basis for Germany’s economic strength (multiple worldwide export leader) lies in its renowned high standards of quality.

How is this achieved?

Alongside many contributing factors, such as the constant attention paid to things, infrastructure, development and research and quality management. The main guarantor for economic strength and development is the general educational level and especially the vocational qualifications of the populace. The practical oriented approach begins with three years or three and a half years of vocational training. The requirement for entering such a training regimen is successfully completing a nine year general education.

One can choose from about 450 different professions / vocations to study in Germany and these make up the regulatory statutes in the German “Berufsbildungsgesetz” (National Education Ordinance). All tests are centrally administered and successful completion of a training regimen results in the receipt of a standardized journeyman certificate. The focus of this concept is primarily based on the practical oriented vocational qualification / apprenticeships.

The quality of vocational training is highly dependent on the technical and pedagogic level of the trainer as well as the wide variety of available teaching and learning aids and methods. The training facilities must correspond to the pedagogic needs of the vocational training, the adherence to the time requirements for training in both the theory and practical based training sequences contributes greatly to the level of success.

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Our philosophy

GFW International sees this as the primary nucleus for vocational education training concepts.
Brilliant instructors
Experienced and highly qualified instructors will teach you.
Systematic structure of the training
You will be guided through the training in a structured and safe manner.

"There is only one thing that is more expensive in the long run than education, and that is no education."

John F. Kennedy
Making a career in a few years
Excellent career opportunities thanks to a wide range of further training options
Best possible learning conditions
Bright rooms, small classes, state-of-the-art teaching media


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